Enrolments open for new plastics qualifications

Competenz launched a new suite of qualifications in plastics engineering and processing in 2018, that include specialisations designed for the future.

Developed by leading New Zealand plastics manufacturers, the programmes equip staff with the skills and knowledge to work productively and safely.

Together, the qualifications form a pathway of learning from entry level plastics operators, die-setters and technicians to experienced plastics production engineers.

The new certificates have been designed to build and formalise skills across the plastics industry.

Entry-level workers can complete the New Zealand Certificate in Manufacturing with a specialisation in plastic, which will enable them to meet basic health and safety requirements and carry out basic tasks in a manufacturing operation.

The Level 3 New Zealand Certificate in Plastics Processing is designed for people already working in the plastics manufacturing industry. Graduates will be able to work as competent operators, under limited supervision, in plastics processing operations.

Graduates of the Level 4 New Zealand Certificate in Plastics Engineering will be able to assure the production of plastics, carry out processing trials of new products or product changes, apply advanced knowledge of processing machinery to manage plastics processing, troubleshoot to
identify equipment faults, and identify areas for process improvements. There are six specialisations.

Taken together, the level 3 and 4 qualifications can form an extended New Zealand Apprenticeship.