About Competenz – business strategy

Business strategy

Our 2020 Strategy has five key objectives:

Accelerate 2020 is designed to help support the delivery of our 2020 Strategy. It is the collective name the projects we want to progress in order to deliver the 2020 vision for Competenz.

Skills innovators – delivering extra value to customers though leading edge products and services and increasing non-funded products to support industry needs

Learners for life – growth of learners through pathways from school to industry and beyond supported by flexible and tailored service

Skills partner – growth of employers through whole of workforce development and tailored solutions

Smart, agile, and truly customer centric – systems and processes that are smart and efficient, simplify and make it easier for customers to interact with us

People with attitude – passionate about our customers and empowered to deliver.

2020 strategy

Journey to becoming truly customer-centric

Our 2020 strategy is our journey towards becoming a truly customer-centric organisation, it is underpinned by the voice of our employers and learners and what they need to succeed.

While the journey is unique for every learner and employer, there is a set of universal needs that apply to all, regardless of whether they are in a small or large business, a traineeship or an apprenticeship.

In 2018, our planning horizon focused on establishing strong foundations, processes and systems that enable growth and expansion.

Evolving our service to become digitally enabled is fundamental to increasing the number of learners and employers we work with.